CBS’ ‘The Good Fight’ To Probe Donald Trump Impeachment, Ronan Farrow’s NBC News Report On Harvey Weinstein

The Good Fight
CBS All Access

CBS All Access’s The Good Fight will explore Donald Trump’s impeachment in an upcoming episode.

Rather than having the traditional CBS executive Q&A, at which Reporters Who Cover Television take turns excoriating the network for lack of diversity, the network held one of the most interesting panels of this TCA to date, in which various showrunners took questions about politics and social issues on television.

The Good Fight stole the show when EP Robert King told TV critics at TCA on Saturday about an upcoming episode in which the DNC seeks guidance from series’ law firm about the legal case for removing Trump from office, anticipating they will win the House in the 2018 midterm election.

“A lot of it is a debate about how he could be impeached and also going into the 25th Amendment” about the whole fitness for office issue, King explained. “There’s a little bit of digging into the weeds on a lot of the legal issues surrounding impeachment, especially because they are really counting their chickens before they hatch,” he said of Dems.

King noted an upcoming episode will include as storyline he described as “like the Ronan Farrow situation,”  in which a reporter is working on a broadcast news report about a sexual harassment charge brought against a “liberal star” and the lawsuits start to fly even before it airs and the chilling effect. (Farrow is the former NBC News staffer who worked on a report about Harvey Weinstein for months until his contract ended, then took the work to New Yorker to finish, and publish, and has hinted that the report had been ready to go at NBC News and that he would talk about the circumstances that led to its not airing there at some future point; NBC News has said the article he published in New Yorker was terrific and much more thoroughly reported than what he had when he left NBC News.)

Madam Secretary EP Barbara Hall noted they did a sexual harassment episode two year ago, in which the female Secretary of State got harassed by a male world leader, and made the decision to “think bigger picture,” but that the script had included a line in which she complained, speaking for women, “When do we get to be the bigger picture.

“I think we have our answer,” Hall smiled, referencing the #MeToo movement that swept the country in 2017 with no end in sight.

Hall also said her show is more about diplomatic issues than domestic hot-button issues “We take people inside the State Department – back when we had a State Department.”

Star Trek: Discovery’s Aaron Harberts reported his CBS All Access series had been “in the news quite a bit” because people thought that, in this iteration of the long-running franchise, the Klingon’s represented Donald Trump supporters what with being isolationists obsessed with racial purity. Some white male viewers complained they felt “marginalized” by this franchise iteration. But, Harberts told TV critics, their fan base is smart and told those complainers “if you can’t handle it, you’re not a Trek fan and you should walk away.”

Superior Donuts’ star/EP Jermaine Fowler noted his show is very autobiographical about growing up in D.C., adding that ” a lot of the topics we tackle have happened to me in my personal life” including microaggression, affirmative actions and police brutality.


Star Trek Discovery’s Aaron Harberts reported some viewers were are white men said they felt marginalized by how diverse the show is, but that was handled by the other viewers who told them “if you can’t handle it, you’re not a Trek fan and you should walk away.” He said the conversation stemmed from the fact “we were in the news quite a bit” because people thought the Klingon’s representd Trump suporters because they were about isolationism dn racial purity.”

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