The Intrigue Of ‘Legion’s Season 2 Lies With Aubrey Plaza’s Lenny Busker – TCA


One of the more intriguing facets of Legion‘s season 2 when it returns to FX in March, is how Aubrey Plaza’s puckish character Lenny Bucker evolves.

Originally seen as a best friend to the awesome telekinetic David Haller, Lenny became a true enemy, manipulating him specifically as a version of Farouk, the Shadow King; one of the big baddies on the series. Next season, we actually get to meet Farouk face-to-face, and he’s played by Wonder Woman actor Said Taghmaoui.

“Because Lenny had been the avatar for Farouk, does that mean everybody has to take Aubrey Plaza lessons?” asked one TCA reporter at the Marvel series’ session this morning.

“That’s not a teachable thing,” quipped Legion EP Noah Hawley.

“What does that mean?” Plaza pressed the reporter in response to the question.

“Do they emulate you?” asked the journalist.

Hawley got to the bottom of the situation: “We’re meeting Farouk for the first time. It doesn’t mean he’ll continue to hide and use Aubrey Plaza’s character and Jemaine Clement’s character. What was interesting to me was to keep evolving Lenny. I didn’t want her to become this mask worn by another person….She’s been through a traumatic experience as well, and what’s the other side of that? What’s her culpability?”

Addressing exactly who Lenny is Plaza admitted, “I don’t know. Traumatic is the right word. It’s really scary to play a character who you don’t know who she is. I was being used as a vessel in the first season. Lenny almost became like David where she doesn’t know what’s real or who she is. For season 2, it’s as though my power has been taken from me. Now we have to dig deeper. I can’t really answer that right now.”


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