Stephen Colbert Dishes On Donald Trump’s Bedroom Hamburger Habits As Detailed In “Fire And Fury”


UPDATE with video Stephen Colbert gobbled up juicy details from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book dropping today after Donald Trump’s lawyers tried to block its release.

“This book is loaded with the dish,” the Late Show host enthused, paying particular attention to Trump and First Lady Melania’s “bedroom habits.”

Turns out, Colbert said, citing the book, they have separate bedrooms and are the first First Couple to do so since John and Jackie Kennedy.

“Meaning Donald Trump has had just as much sex as JFK has had, in the past year,” Colbert said.

His Ed Sullivan Theater audience giggled and groaned.

But if you are concerned the president might have a mistress, the book reports that, every night, unless Trump was having his 6:30 PM dinner with Steve Bannon, he was in bed by that time – “with a cheeseburger,” Colbert said.

“I’m going to hope eating it?” Colbert said, using sound-and-tongue effects that elicited gasps and groans from his audience.

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