Seth MacFarlane On Disney-Fox Deal: “I Don’t Think A Whole Lot Is Going To Change”


“I was remarkably unfazed,” Seth MacFarlane told TV critics when asked his reaction to learning he that will be producing at Disney now that that Disney has bought, among other Fox lot assets, 20th TV production operation.

“This kind of stuff happens,” MacFarlane told the critics after a Family Guy table read at TCA. When asked, he said the deal did not surprise him given “where the value is” at the studio.

“I don’t expect it to change all that much,” MacFarlane said of his work situation. He predicted the 20th TV operation will be treated much like Disney treated Touchstone “in the ’80s and let it be its brand. Disney obviously is its brand. I don’t think a whole lot is going to change.”

A couple hours earlier at TCA, Ryan Murphy, another of the biggest talents on the 20th TV roster, said he’d reacted “emotionally” to the news of the deal at the studio where he says he grew up professionally. “I was not very prepared for what happened,” Murphy said, acknowledging that he was concerned because “the stuff that I do isn’t specifically Disney. … I was concerned: Do I have to start putting Mickey Mouse in American Horror Story?”

Given that MacFarlane’s programming is even less PG than Ryan’s, TV critics wondered if he had same anxiety. “I don’t,” MacFarlane answered simply.

The critics also wondered if, like Murphy, Disney chief Bob Iger called him personally to talk about the deal. “He did. I had a very good phone call with him,” he said.

“Bob Iger’s a good dad; he talks to all the children,” added Family Guy EP/showrunner Rich Appel.

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