Late-Night: Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert & Trevor Noah Tackle Trump-Bannon Spat


Until Ryan Murphy gets around to Steve Bannon vs. Donald Trump as a Feud installment, the late-night hosts get TV’s first dibs, and they dug in Wednesday night. “The rats are finally eating their young,” said Jimmy Kimmel on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, pondering how the wheels on the Trump bus can keep rolling as one wheel after another falls by the wayside.

Take a look at Kimmel’s monologue above.

A few of the most notorious tidbits from Wednesday’s Fire and Fury revelations found their way to more than one late-night monologue. Bannon’s prediction that Don Jr. will crack “like an egg” on national TV was irresistible — Kimmel had his own prediction (involving a brain pan filled with yolk), while the host of CBS’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert resurrected that old “This is your brain on drugs” PSA, changing the tagline to “This is Don Jr. testifying before our Senate. Any questions?”

“Yeah,” sniped Colbert, “I have a question: How soon can that happen?”

Check out Colbert’s routine here:

Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show took issue with Trump’s statement that Bannon does only one thing well — leaking info that makes him look important — and proceeded to list some of the former strategist’s finer qualities.

“Steve Bannon does a lot of things well,” Noah said. “He can grow stubble while shaving. He can projectile vomit on command. And he can somehow look like your grandfather and your grandmother at the same time. That’s a skill.”

Here is Noah’s full segment; the Bannon stuff starts at about the 1:45 mark:

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