Stephen Colbert Probes Donald Trump’s Crazy-Normalizing Tuesday Tweets

Stephen Colbert

UPDATED with video: Donald Trump’s manic Tuesday tweeting was a gift to Stephen Colbert’s first original Late Show broadcast of 2018 that same day.

And Colbert’s show had taped before Trump’s crazy-normalizing evening tweets about his “Nuclear Button” being bigger and stronger than Kim Jong Un’s, or Trump’s tweet announcing he will reveal the winners of his first annual Most Dishonest Media Awards on the day after the Golden Globe Awards.

Colbert only had Trump’s nine morning tweets to work with. The CBS late-night star glommed on to one in particular:

” ‘Remember sailors pictures on submarine?’ I think grandpa’s reminiscing again,” Colbert snarked.

Colbert took a moment to remind his studio audience, “this is the President of the United States tweeting and describing the Justice Department as ‘Deep State’ because it is so corrupt it is unwilling to throw his political opponent in jail.”

“That is a serious charge – one you can never make lightly and, of course, you can never take back,” Colbert noted.

“Of course he was kidding, because that’s just what White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders did, a few hours later, at the press briefing.

“Who got to her?” Colbert wondered. “Could it be the Deep State?”

“Nah! He was just talking out of his butt,” Colbert concluded.

Trump also took credit for no commercial jet deaths in 2017.

Said Colbert, “This explains his new campaign slogan, ‘Trump 2020: You got to Tulsa, didn’t ya?'”


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