CNN Solves Mystery Of Donald Trump Golf Shot-Blocking White Truck!


CNN thinks it has solved the Mystery of the Shot-Blocking Truck at Palm Beach.

On Wednesday, a CNN cameraman stationed on public property across the street from the West Palm Beach golf course was trying to get video of President Donald Trump golfing, shooting through a break in a hedge. But he encountered an unmarked white box truck that kept moving back and forward to block his camera view.

Thursday, Brianna Keilar told CNN viewers, “We’ve done some digging,” and learned the truck was parked in a spot reserved for a sheriff’s department vehicle. A similar truck was seen parked at the local sheriff’s department parking lot. “Was the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department behind this move?” Keilar asked, rhetorically. A spokesperson told the cable news network that the camera-blocking truck maneuver “was not authorized,” Keilar said.

“By the way, there was no attempt to block our shot today,” Keilar said. That’s after the sheriff’s department got called by CNN.

The Trump administration is very sensitive as to how Trump is portrayed when away from the White House and at one of his resort properties. Understandable, given how much time Trump spends golfing and the number of times presidential candidate Donald Trump savaged Barack Obama for golfing during his administration.

CNN reported that Trump had been spotted on the West Palm Beach golf course on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, despite having tweeted that he’d be back to work the day after Christmas “in order to Make America Great Again.”

Trump is spending the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. His Wednesday trip to the nearby golf course, under cover of the White Truck, marked the 86th day he spent at one of his golf properties since he became president, according to NBC News. It also marks his 112th day at a Trump-owned property since taking office.

Trump is on track to spend as much as triple the time President Obama did on the golf course in his first year in office. He also might achieve having play more golf in his first year in office than President George W. Bush did in eight years in office.

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