Disneyland Power Restored After Outage Shuts Down Rides, Riles Parkgoers

By Dade Hayes, Dawn C. Chmielewski


UPDATED AT 5:25 PM PT A Disneyland spokesperson offered a fuller account of today’s power outage at Disneyland.

Shortly before 11 a.m. today, a problem with a transformer resulted in loss of power to Toontown and Fantasyland at the park. Crews restored electricity to Toontown by noon, with power fully restored to all affected areas by 4 p.m. Everything is now operational, said spokesperson Suzi Brown.

The adjacent Disney California Adventure park was not impacted by the outage.

The company apologized guests for the inconvenience.

UPDATED at 4PM PT: Power has been restored to The Disneyland Resort some four hours after an outage shut down a dozen rides and left some riders stranded and other guests complaining about the inconvenience on one of the theme park’s busiest days of the year.

Disney spokesperson Elva Rubalcava said damage to a transformer has been repaired and power has been restored to all areas of the resort. Everything should be fully operational in the next 30 minutes as attractions come back online, she said.

UPDATED at 2:40PM PT: A power outage shut down at least a dozen rides and attractions at Disneyland today, leaving some riders stranded and others battling heavy crowds on what is typically one of the busiest days of the year.

Issues with a transformer affected Toontown, Fantasyland and other areas of the park, Disney spokesperson Elva Rubalcava confirmed to Deadline. Power has returned for most rides, she said, with the remaining ones expected back online by later this afternoon.

The Anaheim park’s official Twitter account confirmed at 1PM PT that no new customers are being allowed into the main park. Only those re-entering will be allowed under the crowd-control measures. New arrivals are being directed to neighboring California Adventure, which “remains available for your enjoyment.”

Disneyland has 49 rides and attractions, and California Adventure another 36.

While a flurry of social media posts and images described teeming crowds, hitting capacity is “not unusual at this time of year,” Rubalcava said. Even with full power restored, the park would remain open only to re-entering attendees, she said.

The glitch did not cause any injuries, except possibly to the psyches of some attendees. Several were stranded on rides for long stretches, including the Monorail and “It’s a Small World.” One shaken customer, Geoff Fienberg, vented on Twitter (and later on CNN) that he spent a half-hour in the darkness of the “Small World” ride as the jaunty, iconic theme song played in an endless loop.

Others, like Juveria Kanodia of San Diego, turned to social media to vent their frustration — “$1,100 down the drain”  — and the inability to claim a refund. The company said it would consider select refunds on a case-by-case basis.

After the account sent an oblique update earlier that Disneyland is “very busy today,” dozens of replies detailed complaints about a lack of information and general confusion about the state of affairs after the outage.

Earlier in the day, though, the awkwardness got even more extreme when account breezily tweeted, “Why not relax and join us for a vacation to a galaxy far, far away. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Here’s the latest tweet and a sampling of other reactions:

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