Apple Devices Remain Gift Of Choice This Holiday Season

Apple Holiday Sales

Apple’s smartphones and tablets remained the gift of choice this holiday season, according to new data from Flurry Analytics, a firm whose software helps developers track the performance of their mobile apps.

iPhones and iPads accounted for 44% of the new mobile devices activated around the globe in the week leading up to Christmas Day, and through the end of Hanukkah, Flurry found. Even though rival Samsung commands a larger global market share, it fell short as the gift of choice during the holiday season, with only 26% of activated devices in the lead-up to Christmas.

Other devices — including Google’s heavily promoted Pixel 2 — were barely a blip, according to Flurry, whose software is used in more than 1 million mobile apps and which has insight into 2.1 billion devices worldwide.

Top Device Activations Christmas 2017 Flurry Analytics

This latest data comes as Wall Street analysts expressed concern about weakening demand for Apple’s flagship iPhone X, the 10th anniversary smartphone with a price tag exceeding $1,000. A report out Monday from Taiwan’s Economic Daily cited sources as saying Apple had lowered its own internal estimates on how many phones it will ship in the first three months of the year, seemingly confirming analysts’ projections.

Apple did not respond to Deadline’s requests for comment.

Flurry’s analysis revealed that Apple’s newest generation of phones — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X — made up about a third of all new activations this holiday season. Older, more affordable models accounted for the rest of holiday sales — especially in markets outside of the U.S., where the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 took the top two spots.

Continued strong demand for the iPhone 6, a device unveiled three years ago, is notable because Apple relaunched that model in select Asian markets in the spring. The first of Apple’s large-screen smartphones is marketed as the most affordable option in price-sensitive countries.

Apple Device Activations Christmas 2017 Flurry Analytics


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