Deadline’s Top 10 New TV Shows Of 2017, Part 1: Marvel, Adaptations & Late-Night

Top 10 New Shows of 2017

In a year that saw the daily frenzy of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Disney and  Fox mega-merger, more revivals and reboots, a stinging Oscars snafu and the defanging of Harvey Weinstein and others amid sexual harassment and sexual assault revelations and the rise of the #MeToo movement, 2017 felt like one constant jump to light speed.

No spoilers, but looking at Part 1 of Deadline’s Top 10 New TV Shows of 2017, you certainly can feel the velocity and star power of the past 12 months. Adding in the Justice Department taking the AT&T-Time Warner merger to court (and the Trump-critical CNN seemingly the real battlefield), the long-overdue debut of the first female Doctor Who, and Hulu sprinting ahead to be the first streaming service to win Best Drama at the Emmys with the remarkable The Handmaid’s Tale, and the unconventional and the unexpected was the new landscape on the small screen.

Taking that context into account, there was a lot of very good television this year from the streaming services, cable and even the Big 4. Watch my video above to see if your favorite series made the cut, then join us on December 28 for the Top 5.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget some honorable mentions thatdidn’t make the cut here but are worthy of your attention. If you haven’t already, take a day or two this holiday to check out FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan; Amazon’s The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, Patriot and I Love Dick; and Hulu’s Harlots. Also, though it wasn’t a newbie, check out the final season of HBO’s The Leftovers, which was some of the best TV of this or any year.

As for today’s list of new shows, we reveal No. 10 through No. 6 in the rankings. If you have suggestions or last-minute pitches for who you think should be in the Top 5, drop me a line on Twitter (@DeadlineDominic) because nothing is written in digital stone yet.

Check out our No. 10-No. 6 above.

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