Nicholas Britell On The Champion Score For ‘Battle Of The Sexes’: “This Isn’t Just A Sports Movie” – Crew Call Podcast

Costa Comm.

In quite a short time, Nicholas Britell has quickly established his voice as a film composer, breaking out with the score to the 2012 South by Southwest and Cannes film festival premiere Gimme the Loot, and landing his first Oscar nomination earlier this year for the emotionally affecting, poetic music heard in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. Britell cut his teeth as a virtuoso pianist at an early age, landing in Juilliard’s pre-college division, but since then he’s become known for his finesse to deliver an emotional range to both drama and comedy features. In this year’s Battle of the Sexes he delivers victorious piano-driven sports anthems much like the one that inspired him to become a composer: Vangelis’ Oscar-winning main theme from Chariots of Fire. But more than Battle of the Sexes being a sport film about a legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, Britell became inspired by both players’ personal journeys to the court. Up next for Britell are two Adam McKay projects: his untitled Dick Cheney feature starring Christian Bale and the HBO series Succession. Britell talks about his career and Battle of the Sexes on Crew Call.



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