Hill Passes GOP Tax Overhaul, Censoring Protesters In Feeds To TV News Outlets


The House of Representatives passed again the $1.5T GOP tax overhaul at 12:56 PM Wednesday, cutting the audio immediately after House Speaker Paul Ryan brought down the gavel, lest viewers watching on cable news networks get to hear all of the reax in the hall. One day earlier, the House did same but only after cries of “Kill the Bill, Don’t Kill Us!” rang from the gallery.

“They control the audio, that’s what they do,” CNN’s John King explained to viewers of the censorship.

Trump has scheduled a presser at the White House after winning a bigger corporate tax break than either of the Bushes ever got; it’s being touted a the most consequential new tax law in 30 years.

Trump is calling it his big Christmas gift to the American middle class. Some TV news pundits are calling it the most unpopular tax cut in the history of polling, with support of less than a third of the American people. That makes this tax cut less popular than previous tax increase bills, because it is heavily weighted to cut corporate taxes and give permanent tax cuts and loopholes to billionaires.

The Senate has passed the Republican tax reform bill.

The House previously gave the overhaul a thumbs up Tuesday afternoon. But the Senate ruled two provisions in the bill did not comply with the budget rules of reconciliation, necessitating the second vote in that chamber.

At 1 AM Wednesday, the Senate voted 51-48 to proceed with the major tax reform legislation, with all GOP senators in the hall voting for the bill; Sen. John McCain was absent, after brain cancer treatment. As in the House, no Dems gave the overhaul a thumbs up.

Protesters were censored in the Senate, as they had been in the House, as they chanted “Kill the bill. Don’t kill us!”

During the first House vote, a woman shouted “you’re lying” at Paul Ryan from the gallery; a couple House Republicans shouted back “throw her ass out,” according to various reports from reporters present. Yet another protester bellowed at Ryan: “You better go back to school to learn math” when he crowed about the plan benefitting middle class Americans.

Wednesday morning, after the Senate but before House Vote Deux, Morning Joe unveiled a video explaining Trump’s purported Christmas gift to middle class Americans:

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