Mark Ruffalo On Death Of ‘Spotlight’ Archbishop: “Terrible Human Being” Who Hid “Profound Suffering”


The death of Cardinal Bernard Law, the disgraced former Boston archbishop whose repeated and widespread covering-up of pedophile priests was the subject of the 2015 movie Spotlight, has brought a comment from that film’s star Mark Ruffalo.

“One can only hope the countless sexual abuse of children he allowed and the subsequent profound suffering he hid will come to an end with his demise,” Ruffalo tweeted today. (See it below).

Law died early today at age 86 after an illness and hospitalization in Rome. His death was confirmed by the Vatican.

Law, a Boston religious figure once so highly esteemed he was considered a possibility to be the first American pope, was later found to have transferred child-molesting priests from parish to parish without notifying the congregations, the parents of victims or the police.

Law resigned in 2002 when the Boston abuse scandal erupted. According to The New York Times, Law first retreated to a Maryland convent, and in 2004 was appointed high priest of one of Rome’s four most prestigious churches, the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

In the Spotlight film, Ruffalo played one of the crusading Boston reporters who brought the Church abuse scandal to light.

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