Gretchen Carlson To Former Fox Colleague Bill O’Reilly: “Who Are U Fooling?”


Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox & Friends co-host whose sexual harassment lawsuit against honcho Roger Ailes set off a domino reaction of allegations and departures from the news channel, is calling out her former colleague Bill O’Reilly for portraying himself as a victim of “big money.”

“Who are u fooling?”, Carlson tweeted today. “U think we believe u paid $32 million for allegations that were ‘false and politically driven’?”

Yesterday O’Reilly jumped on reports from conservative media sites that attorney Lisa Bloom sought to arrange compensation from donors for women accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment. “The lawyer who attacked me with phony charges, Lisa Bloom, now exposed for arranging payments to women,” O’Reilly tweeted.

Bloom, in a lengthy blog post, called the original article “spurious” and said that donors had reached out to help some of her clients financially last year.

As for O’Reillly, Bloom wrote that “I represented the three women who took down O’Reilly earlier this year and am currently in active litigation against him on behalf of another client. This is just his latest effort to try and discredit my clients and me.”

O’Reilly didn’t stop at Bloom, though, tweeting his followers, “I told you guys from the very beginning that many allegations were false and politically driven. There is big money behind trying to destroy Mr. Trump, me and others.”

That’s the tweet the prompted Carlson’s rebuke, in which she pointed out O’Reilly’s own big money payouts. All that was missing from her response was “Bye Felicia.”

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