Donald Trump Oddly Tells FBI Grads “90 Percent” Of Their Families Support Them


President Donald Trump stuck mostly to his campaign-rally greatest hits while addressing an FBI Academy graduation today – murder is on the rise, MS13 gang members are savages, visa lotteries allow the “worst of the worst” to immigrate here – but he went seemingly off-script to make an odd reference to law enforcers and their families.

“By the way, you are great people,” Trump told the graduates. “I hope your families know that. I’d say 90 percent agree. The other 10 percent that’s not working out so well.”

It was unclear whether Trump meant 10 percent of law enforcers aren’t great people, or whether 10 percent of their families don’t think so.

Trump indulged in some additional fuzzy math when pointing to reporters in attendance – another campaign rally hold-over. “You see, there’s the fake news back there,” Trump said, “no actually some of them are fine people.” Then he added “about 30 percent.”

Trump’s media fact-checkers were already digging in to his claim today that murder rates are soaring and a suggestion that the visa “lottery” involves a bin and no vigorous screening.

Trump managed to avoid direct criticism of the FBI, though, staying away from recent claims that the agency was “in tatters.” Today, he told the graduates at Quantico that they have “a true friend and loyal friend in the White House, more loyal than anyone can be, I tell you.”

Today’s ceremony involved graduates of a course for law enforcement managers from police departments and law enforcement agencies. Trump told the audience that he favored the death penalty for people who kill police officers.

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