‘Galaga’ Animated Series To Get Full Interactive Experience

Banda Namco Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: In the spirit of the ongoing resurgence of retro-cool pop culture properties, the video game Galaga is being developed into an animated series. Not only that, but it is getting a fully immersive experience courtesy of a collaboration between the Nuttery Entertainment and the creative minds from Meow Wolf.

Meow Wolf

The announcement of the adaptation of the Bandai Namco cult classic video game title Galaga Chronicles was first announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con. Now Nuttery Entertainment and Meow Wolf will collaborate and up the ante with an immersive experience to coincide with the starfighter-shooting video game. The collaboration will bridge the animated content from the series with physical exhibitions, merchandise, live media, and a new, annual gaming competition series “Score Wars” that will all launch with Galaga World Championship in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 29, 2018. The first installment in the brand extension will be an anime-inspired series tentatively titled Galaga Chronicles | Revolution Age. It sounds like a retro video game nerd’s dream come true.

“Meow Wolf’s work with The Nuttery to evolve classic ’80s arcade magic into 21st-century vision and experience is huge news for gamers old and new,” said Vince Kadlubek, Meow Wolf CEO. “There’s been a lot of exciting productions in this area in recent years, but Galaga Chronicles will set a new standard.”

The experience will be in line with Meow Wolf’s interactive installation called the House of Eternal Return which was an award-winning installation that was housed in a 20,000 square foot exhibit space built by 135 artists. The new form of non-linear mystery/supernatural storytelling that was an experience that included dozens of rooms and secret passages.

Long before the days of Call of Duty and Mario Kart, Galaga, was the video game to play. In the retro video game similar to Space Invaders, the player controlled a starfighter and the objective was to destroy as many insect-like alien creatures to rack up as many points as possible.

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