Donald Trump Tweets Sen. Gillibrand Offered To “Do Anything” When “Begging” For Campaign Contributions

Donald Trump
Associated Press

President Donald Trump tweeted this morning that New York’s Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand used to come to his office “begging” for campaign contributions, adding she “would do anything for them.”

Trump’s vulgar implication that Gillibrand offered to have sex with him in order to secure campaign contributions comes the morning after the senator had called for Trump to step down. Gillibrand told CNN she found to be “credible” the women who have claimed he sexually harassed and assaulted them in the past. Gillibrand had similarly called on Democratic Sen. Al Franken to resign last week, leading the stampede of Dem senators calling on Franken to step down.

Here is Trump’s tweet:

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump used Twitter to blast the media for giving another platform to those women who previously accused him of sexual harassment and assault. Three of Trump’s accusers appeared on Megyn Kelly’s hour of NBC’s Today, and then held a news conference. The women first spoke out after the Washington Post made public, during the presidential election, the 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which Trump boasted about being so famous he could “grab them by the p**sy.”

Trump’s tweet:

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