Kumail Nanjiani Doubles Down On ‘The Big Sick’ Snub Tweet – Update

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So a famous director is doubling down on the veracity of Kumail Nanjiani’s instant-classic Golden Globes snub reaction tweet. Deadline is convinced the tweets do indeed come from a famous director.

The to-and-fro began earlier today with the Golden Globes’ snubbing of Nanjiani’s terrific The Big Sick, prompting this tweet from Nanjiani’s page: “Hey gang. This is Steven Spielberg tweeting from Kumail’s phone. My fave movie this yr was The Big Sick. It’s avail on Amazon Prime & iTunes & all that. Great movie to watch w the fam. I watched it w my family (the Spielbergs) & we all loved it. Handing phone back to Kumail now.”

When Deadline wrote about the tweet from (ahem) Spielberg under the headline, Kumail Nanjiani Tells Tall Tale After ‘The Big Sick’ Snub, Nanjiani’s page tweeted, “Hey @DEADLINE, Steven Spielberg tweeted that! I’ll give the phone back to him. This is Steven (Spielberg.) I tweeted that. I directed Jaws, ET, BFG. See? I can name 3 of my films. It has to be me. Lincoln. That’s 4. That’s enough proof for you to retract.”

A Trump-sounding Andy Richter is calling for heads to roll, and Josh Gad thinks a cease-and-desist order is “the only thing that would give this saga a proper thrilling ending.”

Nor was comedian Mike Birbiglia convinced. “This tweet feels fishy,” he tweeted, drawing a response challenging him to a “Duel,” which certainly sounds like someone who knows Spielberg’s early work.

So it must be him. Or him.

Check out the tweets here in what’s shaping up to be the biggest Fake News story since Raftergate:

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