‘Coco’ Sweet With $390M Global, Scores China Hat Trick; ‘Justice League’ Tops $600M WW – International Box Office


UPDATE, WRITETHRU: While the world waits for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to hit global hyperdrive this week, the current international box office session was led by its Disney stablemate, Coco. Taking the overseas crown for the 2nd weekend in a row, the Pixar title crooned a $55.3M tune in 35 markets. That brings the offshore total to $254M and worldwide to $389.5M.

Coco continues to pop in China where the cume has zoomed past $100M, dropping just 21% in the 3rd frame. Already the highest-grossing Pixar title ever in the Middle Kingdom, it’s now at $128M there and has maintained the No. 1 spot for three consecutive weekends. Mid-weeks were solid. There are a handful of big local titles on deck, so screens will be something to watch. The Last Jedi does not enter the market until January 5.

Also notable among offshore Coco perfs, Spain (which had a holiday this past week) is running 25% hotter than Frozen at the same point in release. Guitar hero Miguel has a lot of play left in him with several majors including the UK, Brazil, Korea and Japan yet to join the dance.

Behind Coco, families were out in force at Chinese turnstiles for Paddington 2. The little Peruvian bear entered the market at No.2 and jammed with $15.5M (RMB 103M) to outgross the entire local lifetime of the first entry in the Heyday Films/Studiocanal franchise.

Meanwhile, in a pair of milestones, Warner Bros/DC’s Justice League batted across the $400M mark internationally and $600M at the global box office. The respective cumes are now $401.3M and $613.4M.

Elsewhere, Disney/Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok Hulk-ed up to $833.2M to become the No. 7 title of 2017 at the global box office. And, Lionsgate’s Jigsaw cut above $100M worldwide.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins storming offshore turnstiles on Wednesday, and will be in most of the world (save China) by Friday.

In the meantime, breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


With a soaring run in China, Disney/Pixar’s otherworldly charmer now has an offshore cume of $254M and a global tally of $389.5M — and that’s before Australia, Italy, Brazil, Korea, the UK and Japan cross over to meet the family. The China gross is now $128M to lead all markets, and almost matching the domestic cume thus far.

Coco is doing particularly well in what is typically a softer Pixar play thanks to the themes of love, family, life and death. Featuring a dog doesn’t hurt either. Last year’s local animated feature Big Fish And Begonia dealt in the afterlife and a fantasy realm separated from the human world. It made $85M at home. This year’s reincarnation-themed A Dog’s Purpose barked up $88M in China. Coco’s colorful locations have reportedly also been a hit with locals who aspire to visiting Mexico, and the soundtrack is hitting a chord.

Overall, the weekend was worth $55.3M in 35 markets for a 2nd consecutive run at No. 1 internationally.

Europe dropped by 19% across the region with No. 1s in Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Spain is running 25% hotter than Frozen at the same point in its release.

Coco notably stirred increases and single-digit drops in: Spain (+16%), Peru (+2%), Chile (+1%), Colombia (+1%), Austria (even), the Netherlands (-1%), Singapore (-7%) and South Africa (-9%). Germany (-17%), Thailand (-17%), Switzerland (-18%), Portugal (-25%), France (-27%), Indonesia (-28%), Taiwan (-28%) and Israel (-29%) each dipped less than 30%.

Rounding out the Top 5 plays behind China are Mexico ($56.6M), France ($10.9M), Spain ($8.9M) and Russia ($7.8M). The next majors to release are Australia and Italy the week of Christmas.


20th Century Fox
With a teensy 15% drop from last frame, Fox’s moustache-twirler arrested another $20.1M in 59 markets. Kenneth Branagh and the ensemble whodunnit had a great start in Japan with $2.6M (+42% on Gone Girl) and Taiwan at $983K (2.6x bigger than The Great Gatsby). Italy was the top hold at a fantastic 12% increase from the previous station stop. The international cume is now $182M with France on deck next session. The movie is overall outpacing Gatsby by 43% and Gone Girl by 58%.


Warner Bros Pictures
The caped fellows, Wonder Woman and the rest of the JL crew crossed the $600M worldwide box office threshold this weekend, to rise to $613.4M. That includes $401.3M at the international box office where they just added $15.4M on 11,910 screens in 66 markets; a 58% drop from last session. The China run is wrapping up with $103.1M to date leading all offshore plays, followed by a strong Brazil score of $35.6M (passing Wonder Woman), Mexico with $23.5M, the UK at $21.8M (falling outside the Top 20) and Australia with $14M.

The $600M WW milestone comes as WB became the first studio this year to cross $2B at the domestic box office thanks to both the critically dinged JL, and the helium-fueled success of IT.


Daddy's Home 2
Paramount Pictures
Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow continued spreading the holiday cheer this session with $11.6M in 59 markets. There were 10 new openings that contributed to the now $51.2M offshore cume on the paramount comedy. Peru welcomed the folks with a No. 1 $772K start at 99 locations for the biggest non-local comedy bow ever. Hungary was also a No. 1 start with $284K at 54 for 16% better than the original. Austria, Switzerland and Chile each outperformed the previous film by 53%, 17% and 20%, respectively. Germany was the major market this session and came in 14% lower than the earlier movie with $741K at 334 cinemas.

In holdover markets, the UK leads with $13.3M to date followed by Mexico at $7.9M, Australia with $6.9M, Russia at $3.1M and Spain with $1.1M.


Lionsgate/Participant Media’s Julia Roberts-starrer picked up 46% from last weekend with 10 new markets in play. Bringing home $11.4M in 56, the Stephen Chbosky-directed movie now has an offshore cume of $29.3M. Auds were particularly responsive in Brazil where emotional pics play strongly. The opening was $3.6M on 800 screens. In Australia, the family drama remained No. 1 with $4.4M after two weeks and a small 28% drop. The UK added 8% versus last frame and is at $4.3M. Spain saw a 42% jump, in part thanks to that national holiday, and has a $3.1M total to date. Mexico is the next major market to release this Thursday. International will continue to open through the holiday season into early next year.

STX’s Christmas sequel added 14 markets this session, upping the ante by $6M for an overseas gross of $45.5M to date. The worldwide cume is now $114.3M. The best start this weekend was Mexico with $1.2M in 5th place, and topping the previous movie by 33%. In Russia, it bowed 67% above the first film with $1M at No. 3. Italy came in 31% behind the Moms’ first outing with $540K. Combined, Germany, Austria, Switzerland has crossed $10M. (U.S. comedies tend to excel in the German-speaking markets.) The UK also has passed $10M with $10.3M after six frames.


Thor: Ragnarok
With this weekend’s grosses, the Disney/Marvel threequel has passed 2002’s Spider-Man and this year’s Wonder Woman on the global charts. The Taika Waititi-helmed crowd-pleaser is now the No. 7 worldwide release of 2017 to date.

Odin’s boy added $3.1M in the 7th session for $532M overseas and $833.2M globally. Holds in certain plays were quite solid including Waititi’s native New Zealand (-12%), Singapore (-17%), Spain (-22%), the Netherlands (-31%), Sweden (-32%), Germany (-32%), Australia (-36%), Argentina (-38%) and Denmark (-44%). The Top 5 markest are China ($112M), the UK ($40.4M), Korea ($35.1M), Brazil ($30.3M) and Australia ($26M).

In 63 markets including the addition of Russia this frame, Universal/Blumhouse’s hit horror pic added $2.7M for an offshore total of $56.6M and $112.3M worldwide. Russia was the final market to release and did so at a No. 2 of $1.5M. That’s on par with The Shallows and above Ouija, Annabelle, Don’t Breathe and Get Out. France repeated as the top holdover with $4.1M to date.


Perfectos Desconocidos (UNI): $3M intl weekend (Spain only/+28%); $7.8M cume
The Mountain Between Us (FOX): $1.4M intl weekend (20 markets); $29.4M intl cume
Jigsaw (LG): $1.3M intl weekend (64 markets); $62.9M intl cume
The Disaster Artist (WB): $1M intl weekend (3 markets); $1.7M intl cume
The Foreigner (STX): $882K intl weekend (3 new markets); $104.9M intl cume
Darkest Hour (UNI): $600K intl weekend (China only/good mid-weeks); $4.7M intl cume
The Snowman (UNI): $600K intl weekend (16 markets); $36M intl cume
Girls Trip (UNI): $400K intl weekend (4 markets); $23.5M intl cume

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