Seth Meyers Deflates Donald Trump’s “Tough On Crime” Balloon

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers popped President Donald Trump’s tough-on-crime balloon in Wednesday’s Late Night Closer Look.

The president is now all in on backing an accused sexual predator running for the senate in Alabama, and offers sympathy for Michael Flynn, a former top aide who lied to the FBI, “making clear what Trump means when he says he’s tough on crime,”  Meyers observed.

During his campaign, Trump liked to use Richard Nixon’s “law and order” gag.  And he routinely lied about rising crime levels, being very specific about who he claims is responsible: “illegal immigrants” who, he says are standing between us and a “great big beautiful crime free country.”

During the election, Trump also retweeted a racist info-graphic claiming 81% of white deaths are caused by black people. Called on that by Bill O’Reilly, Trump scoffed that he had not tweeted it, just “re-tweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert,” adding that “it was also a radio show.”

“Hey Bill, am I going to check every statistic?” asked the man who would be President.

Trump these days has taken to defending Moore against accusations of sexual harassment and assault made by a multitude of women, including one who says she was just 14 at the time. “He totally denied it, says it didn’t happen… I have to listen to him,”  Trump told reporters, adding “I do have to say, 40 years is a long time…all you can do, is you have to do what you have to do.” Meyers said that sounds “like a fortune cookie written by somebody who is completely out of ideas.”


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