Jimmy Kimmel Accepts Roy Moore’s “Man To Man” Dare But Insists On “Leaving My Daughters At Home”


Jimmy Kimmel sent comedian Tony Barbieri to Alabama this week to skewer Roy Moore at one of the GOP Senate candidate’s campaign rallies; they’re held in churches, and part of “services.”

Moore was not amused by the disruption and took to Twitter to demand that if Kimmel wants to “mock our Christian values” he should “come down here to Alabama and do it man to man.”

“Great Roy – let me know when you get some Christian values and I’ll be there!” Kimmel tweeted back at Moore, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual impropriety and assault.

Moore fired back, retweeting a remark from Fox News radio host Todd Starnes. Starnes, borrowing a Donald Trump gag, snarked:

“Little sent one of his goons to Alabama to disrupt a church service where Roy Moore was speaking. I doubt Kimmel would ever disrupt a service at a mosque…”

Moore then reiterated his invitation to Kimmel, tweeting, “Despite D.C. and Hollywood Elites’ bigotry towards southerners, Jimmy, we’ll save you a seat on the front pew.”

Kimmel accepted graciously, with one caveat, and one request:

“OK Roy, but I’m leaving my daughters at home! P.S. – wear that cute little leather vest.”

Here is their exchange:

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