Van Jones To Host Bi-Monthly Primetime Show For CNN


CNN will launch a one-hour primetime bi-monthly program anchored by its political commentator Van Jones.

The Van Jones Show launches in January and will focus, CNN says, on “the forces that elected Donald Trump, the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ movement and the future of both major parties.”

Jones previously hosted a series of town halls for the cable news network; The Messy Truth will continue to address politics and the “culture war” in America, the network said.

In addition to The Van Jones Show, CNN has greenlit production of a new CNN original series in collaboration with Jones’ production company┬áCitizen Jones, which focuses on “reconciliation, hope and redemption” within the criminal justice system.

CNN bills Jones as the Yale-educated attorney who, during the 2016 presidential election, spoke to voters on both sides of the aisle. His most recent New York Times bestseller, Beyond the Messy Truth, probes failures of both political parties before and after the election of Donald Trump, and advocates for “principled bipartisanship.”

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