‘SNL’: Trump Boys Inherit Dad-Free Spot With “Juilliard Massage” Of “RickiLakes”

NBC via Twitter

UPDATE with video The Trump boys, as played by Saturday Night Live‘s Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, filled in for an absent dad on the show’s cold open tonight. Bypassing the usual cast-stuffed gathering, tonight’s introductory sketch featured just the two Trump sons and Kate McKinnon wearing a vaguely Andy Warhol-ish wig as WikiLeak’s Julian Assange.

Watch the sketch above.

In a faux-TV documentary style, The Mueller Files sketch was built around a reenactment of a 2016 Deep Throat-like meeting of Don Jr., Erik and Julian in a parking garage.

As Day’s Don Jr. tried to conduct business with a Hillary-dirt-dishing Assange, the simpleton brother keeps interrupting. “Eric’s wife had to work so I have him for the day,” Junior explains.

For his part, chip off the old block Erik can’t quite get his facts straight. He thinks they’re talking to “Julliard Massage” of “RickiLakes.” When Junior assures Assange that dad is always loyal to his friends, Eric pipes up, “What about Chris Christie? Rudy Giuliani? Mom?”

Even the show’s famous catchphrase didn’t go unmangled. “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night,” said Eric, pronouncing “live” to rhyme with “give.”


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