‘Transparent’ Writer Says Jeffrey Tambor Accusers Told “Their Truth” & Series Should Not “Be Taken Down” By Actor

Transparent Our Lady J

Just hours after a second transgender member of the Transparent cast and crew came forward with accusations of sexual harassment against star Jeffrey Tambor, a transgender writer and producer on the Emmy winning series as said she supports the duo. Our Lady J is also proclaiming that she believes the actor should exit the Amazon show, as seeming does GLAAD.

“Thank you for your leadership, Trace,” said Our Lady J online today about Transparent actress Trace Lysette’s allegations yesterday of unwanted and unacceptable behavior on the part of Tambor. “Thank you for speaking up,” the writer on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Pose added. “And thank you for your proposed solution at the end of your statement. You are right — we cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.” (See the full statement below)

On Thursday, Transparent semi-regular Lysette said she thought this was a “teachable moment to re-center the other trans charters in this show with the family members instead of pulling it.” Calling the series “ a guiding light in the industry,” Lysette advocated that creator Jill Soloway and Amazon “remove the problem and let the show go on.”


“Trace Lysette is a gifted actress and a trailblazer for the inclusion of transgender women in Hollywood,” said a statement by GLAAD today. “For too long transgender women have been forced to hide stories of harassment and abuse in the workplace, and Trace has taken a powerful stand in calling for an industry where all women can work in safe environments,” the LGBT media monitoring organization asserted. “The show Transparent is bigger than one person and is home to some of the most talented trans people in Hollywood – both in front of the camera and behind. GLAAD stands with Trace in her hope that the inappropriate situations she and others endured on set will be remedied, and that future seasons will focus on more of the many brilliant characters that audiences love and care about.” – AKA, lose Tambor ASAP.

As Deadline reported earlier this week, since the first accusations broke, there have been early discussions on the currently not in production Transparent about writing Tambor’s award winning Maura character out of the show for the upcoming Season 5.

In response to Lysette’s announcement yesterday Amazon has said it is adding the claims by actress to its already ongoing investigation of Tambor following the accusations by the actor’s ex-assistant Van Barnes earlier this month. The Jeff Bezos’ founded company had no comment today on the remarks by the staff member of the Jill Soloway created show. Soloway herself did not respond to request for comment from Deadline.

Reps for Tambor also had no comment on Our Lady J’s remarks.

A writer on Transparent since Season 2, Our Lady J has been a vital part of the series’ sensitivity to the realities of translife. Correspondingly, as recently as this summer the singer-songwriter and TV scribe spoke copiously about Tambor. “The difference between Jeffrey and Maura is that Maura has been living her life as a trans woman 24 hours a day from the beginning,” Our Lady J told Deadline contributor Antonia Blyth. “There’s a lot that happens when you wake up in the morning that Jeffrey so graciously acknowledges that only trans people can truly experience. Those tiny, minute details, Jeffrey and I would talk about.”

Here is Our Lady J’s full statement:

My heart is broken. I’m struggling to put together words right now, as I’m flooded with emotions. Any abuse of power is inexcusable, but hearing the stories of Van and Trace have particularly shattered me. I honor the strength and courage that it must have taken for them to tell their truth.

Thank you for your leadership, Trace. Thank you for speaking up. And thank you for your proposed solution at the end of your statement. You are right — we cannot let trans content be taken down by a single cis man.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say, but this is as much as I can get out in this very emotional moment.
My heart goes out to all victims of abuse, told and untold. I hope this is the beginning of our time to heal.

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