Stephen Colbert On Anti-Semitic Roy Moore Robocall: Only Worse Stereotype A Family Values Evangelical Secret Perv


Stephen Colbert was among the late night hosts to splash around in the latest news about Alabama’s  GOP senate candidate Roy Moore. As of Colbert’s show taping, five women have made various allegations about Moore, ranging from initiating a relationship with them when they were teens and he was in his 30s (legal age of consent in the state is 16), to locking them in his car and sexually assaulting them.

Many GOP lawmakers have denounced Moore, Colbert concedes, but some are standing by him, including Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks who was caught on tape running down a staircase to flee an ABC News reporter,  while shouting, “I believe Democrats will do great damage to our country.”

“Running away from your problems in a downward spiral. I think we’ve got a new Republican metaphor!” Colbert enthused.

Moore supporters also launched an anti-Semitic fake-Washington Post robocall, in which a voice pretending to be a reporter named “Bernie Bernstein” sought women in their 50s willing to make damaging claims against Moore, in exchange for $5-7K, assuring them their claims will not be investigated – just published.

“A Jewish journalist part of a media conspiracy? The only worse stereotype would be a family-values Southern evangelical who turns out to be a secret perv,” Colbert snarked.

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