NFL Discusses Removal Of Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, Says He’s “Damaging The League” — Report


The tension between the National Football League and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is almost at a boiling point as the NFL has accused Jones of attempts to sabotage contract negotiations with commissioner Roger Goodell. The feud has gotten to the point where some of the owners have talked about removing Jones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a letter from the league, which was shared with the league’s 32 owners, was sent to Jones’ attorney David Boies and said that Jones’ “antics, whatever their motivation, are damaging the League.” This comes after Boies sent another letter on Tuesday saying that Jones had a document that shows that certain statements made about Goodell’s negotiations “are not accurate.”

League owners have discussed Jones’ removal, according to the WSJ. His removal would have to be based on conduct that would be detrimental to the league, which was covered in the aforementioned letter from the NFL to Boies.

In a radio interview earlier this week Jones said that his possible removal from the league is “ridiculous.”

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