Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump Jr.’s Reax To WikiLeaks Campaign Tryst Revelation

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert frolicked through this week’s news of secret correspondence between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks during the presidential race.

The Trump campaign had insisted it had absolutely no contact with the outfit. But, in October 2016, WikiLeaks wrote to the candidate’s son, “Hey Donald, great to see you and your dad talking about our publication…There’s so many great stories the press are missing,” adding, “Btw, we just released Podesta Emails Part 4.”

Don Jr. did not respond, Colbert noted. But, 15 minutes later, Don Jr.’s dad tweeted: “Very little pick-up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by WikiLeaks. So dishonest! Rigged system!”

Colbert took most delight in WikiLeaks’ contacts with Don Jr. on election night. When everyone still thought Hillary Clinton would win, it advised Junior:  “if your father ‘loses’ we think it is much more interesting if he DOES NOT” concede “and spends time CHALLENGING the media.”

But, when it was clear Trump won, Wikileaks tweeted, “Wow.”

“That’s right, no congratulations,” Colbert laughed. “Just ‘wow’ – like telling the bride at a wedding, ‘Holy crap – Derrick, huh?'”

And, it appears Don Jr. is not the only one implicated, having emailed  Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and Jared Kushner to tell them WikiLeaks had made contact.

In keeping with Don Jr’s. strategy of not knowing when to shut up, Colbert joked, after Wikileaks story broke in The Atlantic, he tweeted out the conversation:

“Here is the entire chain of messages with @wikileaks9 with my whopping 3 responses) which one of the congressional committees has chosen to selectively leak. How ironic!”

Meanwhile, President Trump is back from 12-day trip to Asia, boasting that a “lot of people” say it’s almost physically impossible for someone to go through 12 days.”

“You know, there are people who live in Asia forever, right?” Colbert asked Trump in absentia.

Trump also is getting rave reviews from some staffers for remaining attentive during lengthy diplomatic rituals, including an hour-plus tour of a museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City, he noted.

“Yes, our president successfully completed the rigors of a 4th grade field trip.”


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