Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Asia Trip Mostly Spent Cozying Up To Authoritarian Strongmen

Seth Meyers

Trump’s 12-day trip to Asia was spent mostly cozying up to authoritarian strongmen while acting increasingly like one himself, Late Night host Seth Meyers observed Tuesday.

The trip itself was mostly unremarkable except that one time he taunted a nuclear-armed nation on Twitter and bro-ed out with Vladimir Putin which, an exhausted Meyers joked, was like nine news stories ago.

While Trump has been out of the country it also came to light that Don Jr. had secret communications with Wikileaks. Of course it was Don Jr., Meyers marveled, noting he’s the “dumbest member of that family in which there is stiff competition.”

“It’s not often we can say this: ‘Today is a good day to be Eric’.”

Trump also boasted about his stamina on the 12-day multi-country ordeal, suggesting a “lot of people” said it was physically impossible to tour 12 days.

To which Meyers responded: Keith Richards.

Trump flew to Asia on most comfortable plane in the world,  and “now he’s talking like he’s a contestant on Naked & Afraid,” Meyers snarked.



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