George Clooney Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Birthday Retrospective On ‘JKL’


Jimmy Kimmel Live threw its host a celebrity-strewn surprise party to celebrate his 50th birthday.

“Hello Iā€™m George Clooney. Join us now or the next four and a half hours, as we take a look behind the beard: 50, Fierce & Fabulous,” Clooney contributed.

Among the revelations in the “cautionary tale,” Clooney said, Kimmel’s childhood infatuation with David Letterman was “boundless and borderline psychotic.”

For those not serious students of his career, Clooney revealed Kimmel had previously co-hosted The Man Show. “This level of high minded satire would not go un-noticed by the heads of American Broadcast Company” who tapped him to host JKL. Clooney snarked.

Ray Romano also showed up, letting Kimmel know he’d had a previous commitment Monday night,”but when they told me this is your retirement show ā€“ You’re 50, they did not want to startle you. Ryan Seacrest has a little window every afternoon.”

Romano, who said he’s about to turn 60, offered Kimmel some sound, stress-lowering advice. “Matt Damon. Let it go. He’s not worth a stent.”

Also, “you have a lot of family that works on the show. Okay, this is my birthday present to you: All of Jimmy Kimmel’s family ā€“ as of tonight, you’re fired!”

Romano also announced ABC parent Disney had made a donation of $250K to LA Children’s Hospital in honor of Kimmel’s son, Billy, who was born with a heart defect. It was Kimmel monologue, when he returned to the show after taking time off to be with his family, about his son’s birth and what Trumpcare would mean for parents in a similar situation but lacking his bank account, that triggered Kimmel becoming a reluctant figure in Donald Trump’s culture war.

Watch here:

And, of course, celebrities, including late night colleagues Letterman and Stephen Colbert, read Kimmel-targeting Mean Tweets:

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