Hollywood’s Sexual Mores May Be Changing, But Filmmakers Are Still Flirting With A ‘Topless Prophet’

Alan Markovitz
Symply Entertainment

Hollywood’s sexual mores may be changing; but intrepid filmmakers are still willing to explore the edges. Such is the case, anyway, with the producer Ron Senkowski and the writer Ken Droz. Both on Monday announced the producer’s acquisition of feature film rights to the book Topless Prophet: The True Story of America’s Most Successful Gentleman’s Club Entrepreneur. Senkowski also bought life story rights to said entrepreneur, Alan Markovitz.

Markovitz became known to the masses largely through a Cinemax reality television show, Topless Prophet, which aired in 2014. But he was long famous in the Detroit area for exploits that included the creation of a topless airline, testimony against the mob, surviving a pair of gunshot incidents, and fighting First Amendment cases that might have done Larry Flynt proud.

Senkowski acquired rights through his Symply Entertainment, whose credits include Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ with Salma Hayek and Decoding Annie Parker with Samantha Morton and Helen Hunt. Droz has already written a script, which helped him become a Sundance Institute Screenwriting Fellow in 2015.

Markovitz, one of the more vibrant characters to hail from Detroit, made worldwide headlines in 2013, when he bought a home next door to that of his ex-wife, and erected a 12-foot high statue of a middle finger. Any film about his life will presumably share the same spirit of, well, existential defiance. In Markovitz’s world, said Droz, the political dynamic between men and women is “totally transparent, with no pretensions or hidden agendas, which, when you think about it, is much more honest than the rest of society.”

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