Seth Meyers: “OMG, Republicans! How Do You Screw Up Tax Cuts?”

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers took a Closer Look at the Hail Mary tax-cut plan being pushed by the GOP after Tuesday’s stunning election losses. The plan would increase taxes on many middle-class families while slashing corporate taxes and leaving in place a break for golf course owners.

“Tax cuts are to the Republican party what ‘Piano Man’ is to Billy Joel,” Meyers said at the top of Thursday’s Late Night.  “Whenever they think  they’re losing the crowd  and people are heading for the exist, they can break that one out and everybody’s going to sing along.’

Selling to the American people is the GOP’s last-ditch attempt to get something of significance done before the end of the calendar year. Donald Trump, meanwhile has touted it as the signature legislative plan of his presidency, having promised rally attendees during his campaign, “we are going to reduce your taxes, big league.”

But tax cuts for rich people and corporations, which is what this plan is about, tend to poll badly, Meyers noted. The House plan would cause nearly half of middle class people to pay more in taxes in 2026 than they would with the current tax structure, Meyers explained, and polling on the plan is terrible.

“Oh my god, Republicans! How do you screw up tax cuts? That’s the one thing you are supposed to be good at!” Meyers raved.

Trump isn’t talking about the specifics of the plan, instead using “porno DVD” packaging terms, Meyers joked, rolling a clip of Trump saying, about tax cuts for the middle class: “they want it, they need it, they have to have it.”

At least one existing controversial tax break has been left completely untouched by Republicans in the House. “Think of the most Donald Trump friendly tax break,” the NBC late-night host instructed viewers.

That’s right – the tax break for golf-course owners. “The only thing that could be more beneficial to Donald Trump is a tax break that lets you declare your defendants as dependents,” Meyers snarked.

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