Stephen Colbert Announces Louis C.K. Cancel As Guest On ‘Late Show’


“For those of you tuning in to see my interview with Louis C.K. tonight, I have some bad news. Then I have some really bad news,” Stephen Colbert told his studio audience and viewers.

“Louis canceled tonight because The New York Times broke this story today:  “5 Women Accuse Louis C.K. of Sexual Misconduct.”

Colbert called it a “disturbing allegation and just the latest in an avalanche of allegations against prominent men,” naming Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes and Kevin Spacey.

Colbert topped the conversation with the latest report on Roy Moore, the GOP senate candidate in Alabama who said 9/11 might have been our punishment for “turning away from god” and “called homosexuality an act so heinous is defies one’s ability to describe it.”

Hours before Louis C.K. canceled on Colbert, WaPo reported allegations that Moore, whose schtick is that he’s more devout than the wicked rest of us, initiated a sexual encounter with a woman when she was just 14 years old and he was an assistant D.A. (The paper spoke to the women and her mother, who talked on the record, as well as three other women who claimed Moore had sought relationships with them when they were in their late teens; the legal age of consent in Alabama is 16.)

Plagiarizing Moore, Colbert called the allegation “an act so heinous it defies my ability to describe it. But I’ll try: ‘illegal’.”

“These accusations are so damning, voters are either going to force him off the ballot – or make him President.”

Here’s Part 2 of Colbert’s discussion on topic:

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