Jimmy Kimmel Wows Donald Trump Supporters With Obamacare Rebrand: “Trumpcare”

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is getting rave reviews from Trump supporters for his endorsement of “Trumpcare.”

Taking a a page from Donald Trump’s playbook, Kimmel this week began playing to the president’s base, re-branding as “Trumpcare” the healthcare plan that commonly had been called Obamacare. He urged viewers to sign up during the current open enrollment period.

“I and many of my counterparts have taken issue with a great many things Donald Trump has done in his first year as president. But, I have to be honest, it hasn’t all been bad,” Kimmel conceded on Wednesday night’s show, sticking with his sly script.

“Yesterday I was looking at the White House website…and I have to admit the healthcare plan there is actually pretty good. So last night I encouraged people, even liberals who don’t like Trump, to think about signing up for Trumpcare, at least take a look at it.  And some of the people with whom I’m typically at odds on social media actually had some positive things to say.”

He read some of the Facebook responses from Trump supporters:

-“Got to respect Jimmy for keeping an open mind. Goes a lot into healing the divide.”

-“Funny how he made fun of the president for ruining the health care, but now that he’s actually proposing a great plan, Jimmy is praising it. Stupid liberals could have been supportive from the beginning instead of giving those ridiculous speeches.”

More of same on Twitter:

-“Am I dreaming, or is Jimmy actually on Trump’s side for once?” .

-“Too bad you’re just now finding the content of our president’s agenda worthwhile. About time you woke up to smell America again.”

-“Anything is better than Obamacare which is exploding. Some states only have 1 insurance provider Democrats have created a monopoly.”

And another tweeter, named Trevor, said, “Jimmy Kimmel has been pretty hard on the GOP and Trump but even Jimmy would like you to check out this administrations HealthCare.gove website. You can sign up until December 15th!”

Responded Kimmel: “Exactly Trevor. You understand perfectly what’s going on here.”

The late-night host again noted the first week of Trumpcare has been a huge success, with more than a million people checking it out on the first day of this open enrollment period – far bigger results than Obamacare.

Kimmel then rolled a PSA for Trumpcare, “the market based insurance program administered by President Trump that meets his campaign promise for great affordable healthcare with no pre-existing conditions or lifetime caps.”

“Help us get the word out, share that video on social media,” Kimmel urged. “Together we can make American healthcare great again.”


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