Jimmy Kimmel “Thanks” Donald Trump For Affordable Care Act Enrollment Surge


Jimmy Kimmel noted that Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump winning the presidential election.

“Isn’t it crazy to think we’re already 80% of the way through this presidency?” Kimmel marveled.

The ABC late-night host called it unfair that a lot of people say Trump hasn’t accomplished anything. In this one year, he has played golf more than 70 times, which is a presidential record, Kimmel revealed.

There are events scheduled across the country on Wednesday to mark the anniversary, at which people will get together to scream into the void. “For real,” Kimmel told his viewers, calling it “kind of funny, but also very dumb, and a waste of time.”

He instead suggested those people do something positive, like sign up during the Affordable Care Act’s open-enrollment period that’s happening now. Trump’s White House isn’t even trying to conceal efforts to undermine the plan, including discouraging enrollment. But, as WaPo recently noted, it’s backfiring and sign-up has surged.

Kimmel urged viewers to join in. His pretense is that it’s being done under Trump, so let’s call it Trumpcare, and thank you very much Mr. President:

“I have spoken a lot about healthcare on this show, and been critical of what Trump and half of Congress is trying to do,” Kimmel began.

“Enrollment just started on the new health care plan, and it actually has a lot of good stuff in it. It covers pre-existing conditions, it has no lifetime caps, you can keep your kids on it, and it’s also surprisingly affordable, especially for people making under $50,000. So, even if you don’t support President Trump, watch this, keep an open mind, and if you don’t have health insurance go to the website and sign up,” Kimmel said, directing viewers to Healthcare.gov.

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