CNN’s Brian Stelter, Kellyanne Conway Spar: “Jab Jab Jab – You Just Love To Beat On Hillary Clinton”


In a contentious and pivot-heavy interview even by Kellyanne Conway standards, the White House Senior Advisor was ready for Russian bear on CNN’s Reliable Sources today.

As host Brian Stelter endeavored to discuss the ongoing investigation into Russia’s election-tampering, Conway barreled through all questions to rehash those White House bugaboos Hillary Clinton and CNN’s perceived anti-Trump bias. (See a clip below.)

“There was this feeling of inevitability and smugness over in Brooklyn that they didn’t have to campaign on the issues, that they didn’t have to campaign hard,” Conway said about the Clinton campaign. “So there would be no reason to talk to Moscow.”

Responded Stelter, “I think viewers see what you are doing: pivoting. When I say Russia you say Clinton. It’s part of a strategy. Do you agree?”

No, of course she didn’t, leaving Stelter to say at one point: “Just jab jab jab. You just love to beat on Hillary Clinton. It’s boring, it’s outdated. It’s history.”

Then there was this: “You’re a very prominent person there,” Conway told Stelter, referencing CNN. “Just say, you know, ‘We’re doing better in the ratings, we’re getting better ad revenues because we’re one of the more anti-Trump than down-the-line outlets.’ Just own it! I think it’s okay to do that.”

“We’re not anti-Trump, Kellyanne,” Stelter said. “We’re pro-truth. We are pro-honesty. We’re pro-decency, and this is a tough moment in American history for people that support facts and decency.”

Here’s a brief clip of the exchange:

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