More Men Allege Kevin Spacey Sexual Misconduct; Including Actor, Filmmaker

Kevin Spacey

More men have come forward with allegations that accuse Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct. Among them, filmmaker and actor Tony Montana, who is best known for 2003 documentary Overnight, and Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos who worked with Spacey at London’s Old Vic.

Cavazos, who also appeared in Doctor Who, wrote on Facebook that he had “a couple of nasty encounters with Spacey that were on the verge of being called harassment.” He claims, “It seems that it only took a male under 30 so that Mr Spacey would feel free to touch us. It was so common that it even became a local joke (in very bad taste). I don’t remember how many people told me the same story.”

Cavazos further suggests that “there will be many more who dare tell his stories in the next few days and weeks.” In the Facebook post, he also reveals that upon returning to Mexico he was surprised to find “the reality that this kind of behavior” by so-called “sacred cows” of the Mexican theater “is not only common, but sometimes even applauded.” He urged all victims to speak out.

The Old Vic on Monday issued a statement saying it was “deeply dismayed” to learn of the first Spacey allegations which surfaced last weekend when Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp said Spacey made sexual advances toward him while the two were working on Broadway in 1986. The theater also set up a confidential email address for complaints.

Montana for his part told Radar that Spacey “forcefully” grabbed his crotch at LA’s Coronet Pub in 2003, later allegedly following him into a bathroom before leaving.

The BBC also uncovered allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey by a man who claims he was harassed in the mid-1980s. Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire program, the man (who is in the entertainment industry and has chosen to remain anonymous) says he met the star at theater school before being invited to New York by him, when he was 17 years old. He alleges that while sleeping on Spacey’s couch fully clothed, he awoke with the actor lying on top of him in his underwear.

“I burst into tears because I couldn’t articulate any more what was happening to me. I was scared… To his credit, he backed off and we went to sleep,” the unidentified man said. He added, “It seems he was grooming me. For me, I never let on that that’s what I was interested in. I never discussed it, nor did I want it… He was either very stupid or he was predatory — or maybe a little of both. I was uncomfortable at best, traumatized at worst, emotionally.”

Separately, The Sun reports that a British man claims Spacey exposed himself to him in 2010, when he was working at a hotel in West Sussex and later gave him a £5,000 watch.

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