Stephen Colbert Opens ‘Late Show’: “New Yorkers Will Never Live In Fear”


Stephen Colbert made a new cold opening for Monday night’s Late Show, addressing the attack in lower Manhattan, in which a man killed eight people and injured about a dozen more, by plowing a truck down 20 blocks of a bicycle path.

“Shortly before began taping tonight’s show we learned about the horrific events here in New York City,” Colbert began.
“It appears a terrorist has attacked innocent citizens in lower Manhattan. And all of our broken go out to everyone affect, and to all of those who live and work in this great city.

He forecast that Wednesday morning New Yorkers will wake up to new details about what had happened. “But, tomorrow and the next day New Yorkers will also wake up and keep going,” Colbert emphasized. “Because, in an uncertain world one thing is for sure; New Yorkers will never live in fear.”

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