World Series Goes To Game 7 As Dodgers Defeat Astros


The stage is set for game 7 of the World Series on Fox as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Houston Astros 3-1 on their home turf in Dodger Stadium.

After a nail-biting Game 5, Game 6 of the 113th World Series was a little bit less anxiety-driven as the Dodgers managed to come from behind to defeat the Astros. This forced the series to go into one final winner-take-all game on Wednesday night.

No doubt fans from both sides will tune in as the two teams eye a victory to take it all. This is a big win for Fox as well. Last year’s World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland, which also went to Game 7, garnered strong ratings for the network. The strong ratings may repeat this year for Fox considering the down-to-the-wire intensity both teams have been displaying during the course of the series.

Game 7 will take place once again at Dodgers Stadium and will air on Fox at 5:s0 PM PST, Wednesday, Nov. 1.

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