Amazon’s L.A. Workforce Will Leave Santa Monica For Culver Studios By Year-End

Culver Studios Mansion
David Robb/Deadline

Confirming Deadline’s exclusive report last summer, Amazon said today it will move its entertainment operations into Culver Studios, the fabled site where Hollywood classics like Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane were filmed.

The company said the roughly 700 people working in Santa Monica for production arm Amazon Studios, IMDb, Amazon Video and World Wide Advertising will occupy more than 280,000 square feet across the Culver Studios Mansion and Bungalows. The relocation, which comes as Amazon Studios is hitting the reset button on the TV executive side, will happen by the end of the year.

“We are very excited about being a part of 100 years of movie and TV history at The Culver Studios,” said Amazon Studios head Albert Cheng. “Most importantly, this new LA-based office will give us the much needed space for our team to work and grow so we can keep bringing Prime members the very best in series and movies.”

Silent movie pioneer Thomas Ince developed the facility, The Culver Studios, which opened in 1918. Its first structure was the “Gone With the Wind Mansion,” which can be seen in the 1939 film’s opening credits. Modeled after Mount Vernon, George Washington’s plantation house, it once was the headquarters for David O. Selznick and Cecil B. DeMille – and, according to the Culver Studios’s website, some say that the “night spirit” of star Gloria Swanson “roams the halls of the mansion.”

The space Amazon will occupy is currently owned by an affiliate of Hackman Capital Partners.

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