Roger Stone Threatens To Sue Twitter Over Account Suspension – Update


Update, Sunday morning Roger Stone reportedly says in an email to Politico that he intends to take legal action against Twitter for banning him from the site. The website reports that it received an email from Stone saying he’s consulted with “prominent telecommunication attorneys,” though he did not indicate any basis for possible litigation. Stone tells Politico that his Twitter suspension is “part and parcel of the systematic effort by the tech left to censor and silence conservative voices,” and that he had been “inundated on Twitter with death threats, threats to kill my wife, my family, my children and even my dogs yet Twitter seems unconcerned with these bloggers.”

Some Twitter users on Sunday were claiming that Stone continues to tweet using at least one other account. Deadline was not immediately able to confirm Stone’s involvement with that account or tweets.

Previous, Saturday p.m. Roger Stone’s Twitter account has been suspended, almost certainly permanently. Twitter does not comment on individual accounts but Stone’s offending tweets apparently violated the company’s policy against harassment and intimidation. In any case, they’re gone from the site – but you can read them below. Deadline wrote about the offensive rant this morning.

CNN’s Ana Navarro, who was among the targets of Stone’s menacing obscenity-filled tweets, responded to his banishment with appropriate concision: “Boo-hoo. Can you hear me playing my little violin for him?”

Previous, Saturday a.m. Former Trump adviser Roger Stone reacted to CNN’s then-exclusive news of imminent charges in the Mueller investigation with a string of crude, obscenity-filled, personal and vaguely threatening tweets against the network’s anchors and contributors Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Ana Navarro, Bill Kristol, Carl Bernstein and Charles Blow.

Two of the tweets against Lemon included homophobic dog-whistles, including one making an obscene reference to oral sex and another calling the anchor an “arrogant partyboi.” (See the tweets below.) The one targeting Kristol mocked his appearance.

If the repugnant missives were meant to raise ire or get attention from the journalists – or distract from the big Mueller news – they mostly failed. Only one of the subjects responded directly to Stone, with the New York Times columnist Charles Blow tweeting a fly-shooing one-word rejoinder: “Stoned.”

But CNN anchor Jake Tapper maybe, just maybe, was thinking of Stone when he tweeted this today:

Stone, the consultant and lobbyist whose devotion to Republicans from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump was chronicled in the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, flew into high dudgeon Twitter mode after Lemon tweeted the news that a Washington D.C. grand jury filed first charges in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The first tweet targeted Tapper, with Stone writing that the anchor “must be held accountable for his lies and very severely punished.”

Stone then went after Lemon, calling him an “ignorant, lying covksucker” (sic), a “dumb piece of sh*t” and a “dull witted arrogant partyboi.” He said Lemon must be “confronted, humiliated, mocked and punished.”

The menacing tone seemed particularly inflammatory coming just days after the New York Police Department confirmed an investigation into “threatening and anti-black messages” tweeted to Lemon.

Here is Stone’s NSFW diatribe:


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