The Deadline Podcast: “Hollywood & Sex’, With Guest Norman Lloyd

Peter Bart Podcast

On Episode 10 of The Deadline Podcast, we talk about how several new films may be short-changing their potential because they out-live their welcome, with the 163 minute running time for otherwise superb Blade Runner 2049 as one example. Also, Hollywood’s mistakes in dealing with sex either as film product or in terms of personal behavior is examined historically, going back to the defiant career of Mae West through the release of Deep Throat.

Also, we have an interview with 102-year-old Norman Lloyd in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the release of Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Saboteur, in which Lloyd starred at the villain. Lloyd reminisces about Hitchcock, for whom he directed many television nail-biters, and also his close friend Charlie Chaplin, whose work inspired him.

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