CNN’s Clarissa Ward: Mark Halperin “Open Secret When I Was At ABC”


“This was an open secret when I was at ABC for years – brave of these women to speak up,” CNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward tweeted this morning about her network’s report on women claiming to have been sexually harassed by NBC News analyst Mark Halperin when he was a political bigwig at ABC News.

ABC News had given CNN a statement: “Mark left ABC News over a decade ago, and no complaints were filed during his tenure.”

Meanwhile, NBC News has suspended its contributor Halperin pending an investigation into allegations by several women that he sexually harassed them while he was an exec at ABC News.

And, of course, Twitter is buzzing. Ward observed:

“Amazing how many men lashing out on Twitter that I, or other women who had heard about sexual misconduct at ABC, are somehow responsible.” Ward previously was an ABC News correspondent based in Moscow.

Ward followed that tweet with a string of “As if these men have the first idea” tweets:

As if these men have the first idea:

…what it’s like to be a 26 year old girl starting out a career at a major network or any company

…how much courage it takes for a young woman to stand up to an incredibly powerful and well respected man

..what it’s like to try to defuse an incredibly awkward and unwanted encounter with humor for fear of losing a job

…[what women go through] at that age…just trying to be seen as competent equals with a bright future ahead and not a potential HR headache

“Let’s be very clear – the one responsible for any sexual misconduct that may have taken place is the man who instigated it. NOT the women who were the victims of it, nor their friends and colleagues who tried to support them though it,” Ward said in conclusion, in case anyone missed her point.

Ward’s tweets:


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