Donald Trump Asks Lou Dobb For Advice On Federal Reserve Chair Choice


Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs’ interview with President Donald Trump will air on his 7 PM ET program tonight.

Talks turns to Trump’s thoughts about who should be the next Federal Reserve chair. Trump sought Dobb’s advice. Seriously.

“Do you have a preference, out of curiosity?” Trump said.

Dobbs said he did.

“Tell me who your preference is,” Trump said.

“May I constrain myself?” Dobbs asked. Because an ad hoc advisor to the president –”

“I’d love to hear it,” Trump persisted.  “You could even cut it out [of the interview telecast] if you want. You don’t have to — I would love to hear you. I only want that from people I respect.”

Dobb relented, saying, “I personally believe that Janet Yellen might be worth keeping.”

That seemed to take Trump aback.

“I tell you what, she was in my office three days ago. She was very impressive,” he conceded. “I like her a lot. I mean, it’s somebody that I am thinking about. I would certainly think about it.”

Takeaway: Don’t hold your breath.


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