Donald Trump Say He Is A Media-Maligned Ivy Leager; Phil Mudd Calls Him “Bridge Troll”


Donald Trump held another pop up presser on Wednesday. This time, as he was heading to Marine One, idling on the White House lawn, on his way to a Dallas fundraiser, he decided to take a few screamed questions from reporters.

For about 15 minutes he prattled on happily about the Clinton campaign’s partial funding of the Russia Dossier (“sad”), Jeff Flake (“Thought he was a Democrat”), his phone call to La David Johnson’s widow (“I said La David right from the beginning”), the previous day’s Senate love-fest. And how smart he is.

“I think the press makes me more uncivil than I am,” Trump told the press.

“People don’t’ understand, I went to an Ivy League college. I was a nice student. I did very well, I’m a very intelligent person. You know, the fact is, I think, I really believe, I think the press creates a different image of Donald Trump than the real person.”

He told members of the media at the presser that the media report “fake stories,” and “a lot of bad things” they report he has said are not true.

“I think to a certain extent, maybe I can blame the media. But politics is a rough business,”

CNN contributor Phil Mudd was having none of it. Mudd who is among the most colorful critics of Trump, having previously described him as having “the empathy of a cockroach,” rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

“Does this guy not think we speak English? ” Mudd began, talking to CNN’s Wolf Blizter and a panel of pundits.

“If you look at the unfiltered language of this man over the past year, it’s everything from attacking federal institutions, claiming the FBI illegally wiretapped his offices at Trump Tower, to attacking a war widow, to attacking a women, to attacking an Hispanic judge, to equating people who want black rights to those who are neo-Nazis,” Mudd continued, warming to his theme.

“Those are the words of the President of the Untied States.”

“The guy has got the personality of a rattlesnake. He’s got the ethics of a sewer rat. And he’s telling us, who speak native English, that it’s the press filtering it?”

“It’s what the man says himself. Read his words…google what the guys says,” Mudd advised.

“He’s a bridge troll. We know what he is.”


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