Harvey Weinstein’s Latest Accusers Detail Experiences To Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Harvey Weinstein Today

“We are putting the casting couch on trial here,” actress Dominique Huett’s attorney Jeff Herman told Megyn Kelly this morning of his client’s $5 million civil suit against The Weinstein Company over the alleged misconduct of its former co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and TWC’s alleged knowledge of his behavior.

Harvey Weinstein’s latest accusers, Huett and former production assistant Mimi Haleyi, spoke exclusively to Kelly on NBC News’ Megyn Kelly Today about their claims of being sexually assaulted by him. Herman accompanied Huett, while Haleyi was joined by her attorney Gloria Allred.

“What this case is about, and the reason Dominique is coming forward, is because we want to see change,” Herman told Kelly. “It is one thing to talk about what happened and it’s great we are all talking about it. But the only way we are really going to have change, is to hold these companies financially accountable. We know already, from what is out there, is that this has been going on for decades. Harvey’s partner, essentially, is his brother Bob. And we believe that the evidence in this case, is going to come out that not only Bob but other people in the company knew this had been going on for decades.”

Herman said it’s already known that these meetings were set up by employees.

“We know that there were these honeypots, these employees that were there to kind of get these women to feel safe in these rooms. We know that there have been settlements going back for decades, even before there was The Weinstein Company, there was Miramax. Same thing was happening there. A lot of the same people, particularly his brother, Bob,” Herman said.

“We believe that the evidence will show that this behavior was enabled by the company. And if you think of any other industry, this would not be tolerated. If you had a company that knew its key executive was using his position in the company to coerce women into sexual misconduct, they’d put an end to it. Didn’t happen here.”

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