‘Stranger Things’ And Lyft To Terrify With Paranormal Rides & Eggos For Halloween


The popular rideshare service Lyft is getting in the spirit of the release of the second season of Stranger Things (premiering October 27) and Halloween with a different — and terrifying — kind of car ride. Lyft has teamed with Netflix’s Emmy-winning horror/sci-fi series for a special Halloween experience where passengers can be part of a “Paranormal Ride” into the Upside Down.

Nationwide from October 26-27  6 AM and 6 PM local times passengers who are looking for a Lyft to their Halloween festivities can opt to change their Lyft app to “Strange Mode” which will transform it into a Stranger Things theme, turning the car icons in the app into waffles, Christmas Lights, Dustin’s trucker hat and, of course, the glowing red Stranger Things logo.


To make things even stranger, from October 27-28 between 4 PM-9 PM lucky passengers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia who switch to “Strange Mode” will have a chance to experience a paranormal journey to your destination. As seen in the video above, the paranormal ride includes flickering lights, radio static, malfunctioning seats, a driver that vomits a slug in front of you, a pulsating ceiling, and an Eggo reward at the end (really). As someone who has actually experienced it, it is just as fun, scary, and bonkers as the show itself. I was bracing myself for a Demogorgon and Winona Ryder tangled in a string of Christmas lights to crawl out of the trunk for one final scare.

Lyft isn’t a stranger (no pun intended) to pop culture-driven campaigns. Their YouTube channel titled Undercover Lyft features celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, and Shaquille O’Neal picking up unsuspecting passengers who fan out when they figure out who is driving them around. In addition, the rideshare service once offered a “Taco Mode” option on their app where, if selected, the passenger would get a custom menu, a taco-themed car, and a free taco when they made their “ride-thru” stop at a nearby Taco Bell.


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