LeeAnne Stables Exiting Paramount As President Of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships & Licensing

EXCLUSIVE: After 12 years at Paramount Pictures, industry veteran LeeAnne Stables is leaving her post as President of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships and Licensing. The well-known and well-liked executive, who helped build both the studio’s licensing efforts for the animation division and merchandising profile in China, will leave at year’s end. She just sent a email out to staff:

Dear Team,

It’s been 12 amazing years at Paramount working with the top film directors, talent, producers, studio executives, and YOU– the 32 hardest working young professionals anywhere in this town…today I’m letting you know that I have decided to leave my role as President of Worldwide Marketing Partnerships & Licensing at the end of this year.  On my plate of big decisions lately- this one comes easier than most. After a challenging year of routing Florida trips into my constant travel schedule, it’s simply time for me to get off the blockbuster bullet train and focus on the care of my fabulous but fading 91 yr old mom.  Thank you for your many kindnesses and true support over this challenging past year.

I’ve loved traveling the world, bringing global brands to our films, and working with you guys every day making huge, creative and award-winning campaigns happen. 126 movies – 5 Transformers, 3 Treks, 3 Missions and over $1 billion dollars in partner deals?? All those China trips!  Crazy, fun and it flew by. I’m very proud that so many of you have been with me for the long ride here, and I’ve seen great leaders and careers grow. Keep rocking it. There’s still plenty of time for me to thank each and every one of you for making me look good all these years. And I’m def looking forward to my final cupcake. (Chocolate, please). J

Thanks guys-


Stables served in various capacities over the years in marketing, consumer products and licensing. She was the executive who anchored General Motors’ long running association with the blockbuster Transformers, and the Audi AR8 with Iron Man and the BMW global tie-in with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

She has worked on more than 133 Paramount films, and signed promotion deals for the studio delivering well over $ 1 billion dollars in promotional media support from corporate brands. Most recently that included the largest movie tie-in deal ever: last ssummer’s Coca Cola China campaign with Transformers: The Last Knight delivering $230 million in advertising in support, with spots directed by Michael Bay.

She also brokered the deal for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) to appear as spokesman for Dodge Durango in a campaign designed to support the 2013 sequel.

“LeeAnne is an industry trail blazer, and tireless deal maker that has delivered amazing marketing value to our Paramount films over the years,” said Megan Colligan, Paramount’s president of Worldwide Distribution & Marketing. “We respect her choice to leave at the end of the year, but our team will truly miss her talent, leadership and wit.”

Sealing partnerships with the auto industry goes as far back as GM’s Chevrolet brand joining hands on a college program for the first Ghostbusters in 1984, but it really didn’t gain ground until the late Karen Sortito (also a former Paramount executive) joined BMW with the Bond films. Once the category was re-opened in such a major way, the auto industry came back to Hollywood in a major way.

Stables also joined American Airlines with Up in the Air, and pulled in Microsoft for their first-ever movie promo deal for Star Trek Into Darkness.

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