Julianne Moore Says That James Toback Tried To Proposition Her During The 1980s


In regards to 38 women who accused filmmaker James Toback of sexual harassment, Oscar winner Julianne Moore knows exactly what they’re talking about, because The Pick-up Artist director tried to lure in the actress once during the 1980s.

Moore shared on Twitter today with Los Angeles Times reporter Glenn Whipp, “JamesToback approached me in the 80’s on Columbus Ave with the same language – wanted me to audition, come to his apt.”

“I refused. One month later he did it again with the EXACT same language. I said don’t u remember u did this before?”

Soon after sexual harassment allegations broke out against Harvey Weinstein, many women began calling out Toback on Twitter. This culminated in Whipp’s Los Angeles Times expose on Toback whereby 38 women detailed his tactics of using his Hollywood clout to hook aspiring actresses into private encounters with him that he deemed as meetings or auditions. Such situations would result in a number of scenarios, such as Toback engaging in sexually explicit conversations with the the actresses, pleasuring himself in front of them or on them,  or having the actresses remove their clothes,

Toback, 72, has denied these allegations to the Los Angeles Times, adding that in the last 22 years, it’s been “biologically impossible” for him to engage in the behavior described by the women in the story, saying he had diabetes and a heart condition that required medication.

In the wake of the Los Angeles Times story on Sunday, the Los Angeles Police Department has received numerous phone calls related to Toback. In New York, the Manhattan district attorney’s office has a sex crimes hotline open in relation to Toback.

In addition, Today show host Natalie Morales had a similar experience with Toback akin to Moore’s and now a total of 200 other women are coming out with their accusations against him.


Moore’s tweets are below:


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