Stephen Colbert Ponders George W. Quip That Tickled Obama During Benefit

Stephen Colbert

Back after what he described as a lovely week off the air, CBS late night host Stephen Colbert noted people of Puerto Rico have not had the same, and told viewers how they could donate, by way of segueing to a weekend benefit for hurricane relief attended by all five living former presidents.

“Feels good to applaud for our presidents!” Colbert enthused, before begging all five men to come back to the White House. At one point in the benefit, when Bill Clinton was speechifying, George W. Bush leaned toward Obama and mumbled something that caused Obama to grin and the video to go viral.

Colbert debuted a game in which he made up possible W. remark:

Yo, real quick – where’s Puerto Rico?

This morning I painted a Shih Tzu.

Twenty bucks if you pants Clinton right now.

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