Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair Will Look Into Widow’s Complaint After ‘GMA’ Interview

ABC News

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. said he will look into a complaint made by the widow of La David Johnson today on Good Morning America that she was not allowed to see her husband’s remains.

“I can assure you, if Mrs. Johnson or any of families of the fallen are unsatisfied with the support they’ve had to date, or have additional questions, we’re going to go to every last length to satisfy their concerns,” Dunford told reporters at an afternoon briefing to update them on the investigation into what happened in Niger that led to the death of La David Johnson and three other members of the U.S. military earlier this month.

“That’s what we do in each and every one of these cases,” he insisted.

During her first TV sit down since her husband’s death, Johnson complained President Donald Trump did not seem to know her husband’s name when he phoned her as she was on her way to receive her husband’s remains. But she also told ABC News’s Good Morning America she was angry that she had not been allowed to see her husband’s body when it was returned to this country.

“Every time I asked, they would not let me see him,” she told GMA‘s George Stephanopoulos. “They were telling me he is in a severe wrap, like, I won’t be able to see him. I need to know that is my husband. I don’t know nothing; they won’t show me a finger, a hand — they won’t let me. I don’t know what’s in that box. It could be empty, for all I know. I haven’t seen him since he came home.”

At his briefing, to update reporters on the investigation as to what happened in Niger that led to the death of La David Johnson and three other members of the U.S. military earlier this month, Dunford said he had heard the widow’s complaint.

“There are times when we make the suggestion to family that they may not want to review the remains,” Dunford explained. “At end of day, the policy is it’s the family decision as to whether or not they do that.”

He said he did not know the particulars of this situation “but we will certainly find that out,” when asked if he would correct the situation if Myeshia Johnson spoke accurately.

“Certainly, from policy perspective, we typically defer to family’s desires,” he said.

Dunford’s response stands in marked contrast to the response of President Donald Trump to Myeshia Johnson’s other complaint made on GMA: that he did not know her husband’s name when he called her.

Trump punched back, tweeting that she had not spoken the truth:

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